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Sculptra BBL

The Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

$6,000 per session (10-12 vials)

Common Treatable Areas of Concern

cellulite dimples, hip dips, hollowness, and creases

Appointment Length

60 Minutes

Expected Downtime

Very minimal, with patients able to resume daily activities after treatment. Possible mild bruising, swelling, and tenderness


2 - 4 years


Description of Treatment

Give your booty a lift with a natural collagen bio-stimulator: SCULPTRA!

Results are gradual and appear over several sessions as collagen production progresses. This allows patients to enjoy a subtle, more natural-looking volume increase with minimal downtime. 

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra was initially intended to correct volume loss in facial areas, but over the years, it’s shown how powerful it is in collagen production. We can use Sculptra to fill in dimples, hip dips, hollowness, and creases to create a fuller, more voluminous butt with injections! We call this our “Sculptra BBL,” the nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift. 


Why Choose Sculptra?

Having a minimally invasive alternative to other more intense surgical options is an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t want a long recovery time or lacks excess body fat for more traditional surgical methods! 


Sculptra is genuinely multipurpose; you can use it almost anywhere. Using this collagen stimulator, we can treat practically any area from your face to your behind! 

What Are The Benefits Of Sculptra?

One of the significant advantages of Sculptra is its versatility. Not only can it be used to enhance the buttocks, but it can also be applied to various other areas of the body. Sculptra can work magic if you desire fuller lips, plumper cheeks, or a more defined jawline. This collagen stimulator has revolutionized the field of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, offering a safe and effective solution for those seeking a natural-looking enhancement.

Voluminous Butt With Minimal Downtime

This non-surgical butt augmentation procedure using Sculptra has gained immense popularity due to its ability to provide a more voluptuous derriere without invasive surgery. Our skilled Sculptra Expert, Nurse Sarah, strategically injects Sculptra into specific buttocks areas to sculpt and contour the shape, achieving desired results. The gradual collagen production stimulated by Sculptra ensures a long-lasting and natural-looking outcome. Unlike traditional surgical methods, minimal downtime is required, allowing patients to resume their daily activities almost immediately without a lengthy recovery period. This makes it an ideal option for individuals with busy lifestyles who cannot afford to take time off work or social commitments.

Desired Results With Minimal Treatment Sessions

Sculptra offers a solution for those who may not have enough excess body fat for a traditional Brazilian Butt Lift. By stimulating collagen production, Sculptra can add volume and fullness to the buttocks, even in individuals with limited fat deposits. This opens up the possibility of achieving the desired aesthetic without additional procedures such as liposuction. It is important to note that Sculptra should only be administered by trained and experienced professionals. A thorough consultation with a qualified practitioner will ensure the treatment is tailored to your needs and goals. They will assess your anatomy and discuss the expected outcomes, ensuring you understand what to expect from the procedure. 

Long Lasting Results

Whether you desire a fuller butt, plumper lips, or a more defined face, Sculptra can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. With its minimal downtime and long-lasting results, it is no wonder that the Sculptra BBL has become a popular choice for those seeking a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical methods. So why wait? Enhance your natural beauty with Sculptra today!

- Schedule Your Treatment Today! - 

Nurse Sarah is a top Sculptra BBL provider and is ready to help you achieve your perfect curves. Call or book a consultation to learn more!

Meet Our Injectors

Sarah Miller Blaszczak, BSN, RN
Sarah Miller Blaszczak, BSN, RN
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