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Shadow Day 
Injectables & Lasers 

8am- 4pm

Spend the entire day emersed in all things aesthetics. You will follow Ali or Eden, in and out of patient procedures and consults. You will observe our providers perform on and off label neurotoxin and filler treatments, as well as laser treatments for hair reduction, brown spot removal, vessel treatments, and wrinkle reduction. Exposure to specific treatments will vary depending on provider schedule.

Please email EunaAesthetics@gmail.com subject line "shadow day" to coordinate a shadow day. Make sure to include the top 3 treatments you would like to observe and your preference of provider you would like to shadow. 


Private Trainings, Professional Consulting


Customize your training experience and see how we create relationships with our patients, with proper education techniques, expectation management, and treatment planning. We will also review all injectable and laser treatments from assessment, to pre and post care, to proper and safe treatment guidelines. We have found that  the biggest difference in provider choice is made during consultations, the goal is to create life long bonds and trust that keeps both you and your patients accountable. We will discuss different challenges during consults, social media management, reviews, and treatment failures. This training is customized to meet your specific goals as a provider. Please email EunaAesthetics@gmail.com subject line "private training" to come spend a day with us and increase your success.